Tom Welling and Erica Durance Tom Welling and Erica Durance

He may not fly much, but that Clark Kent sure knows how to lift our spirits. On Friday night's Smallville, the Man of Steel made Lois Lane an offer no one in their right mind could refuse when he asked his star reporter to make him an honest alien. On bended knee — because he was raised right — and right by their favorite pay phone, CK said the words fans have been waiting to hear since our first shot of the ring box earlier this season. And while we don't want to know what he did to that flower-delivery guy to make it rain rose petals, we do know his proposal was super romantic: "You don't make it easy to ask a simple question. But that's what makes The woman I want to spend my life with. The woman that I love. Lois Lane, will you marry me?"

Of course she said yes. Girl would be wonky in the head not to. Besides, as it was mentioned several times in the episode (including the long-awaited Chloe flashback), these two are destined to be together. So here's to the happy couple! May they awake from that mid-season cliffhanger blackout, exile Cat to the Phantom Zone for being 100 percent annoying and live happily ever after.

Did you love Clark's proposal? Or should he have taken flight and tried his hand at skywriting it?

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