Tom Welling Tom Welling

"I'm sorry, Clark...I can't marry you."

With those heartbreaking words — uttered last Friday night by a teary-eyed Lois Lane — ended the penultimate Smallville episode.  Since The CW released photos of the Lane-Kent wedding, it's obvious that the nups actually go down during this week's finale, and from the this conversation with Michael Rosenbaum, we know his Lex Luthor returns for (at least) two scenes. And probably not as a guest of the groom's.

Other than that? Your guess is as good as ours. Clearly, the two-hour kicker will have to resolve the pickle the darkness-tainted Ollie got himself into with Granny Goodness during the final moments of Friday's outing, and sooner or later, they'll need to do something with Chloe. Then there's the long-brewing showdown with Darkseid, the super-suit situation and, lest we forget who we are talking about, that whole flying thing.

With 10 seasons, decades of mythology and innumerable expectations, that's a lot of ground to cover in just 120 minutes. In fact, it sounds like a job for Superman! But until he swoops in to save us from the wait, we'd like to hear from you, dear Smallville fans: How should the show end?

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