Sean Hayes Sean Hayes

That Newsweek doof may think Sean Hayes is too gay to play straight in Broadway's Promises, Promises, but we know that he was just perfect to play host of last night's Tony Awards. Showcasing a healthy dose of the joie de swish he honed on Will & Grace without going full Nathan Lane, the recently out actor pulled off his double duty (host and lead-actor nominee) with a sparkling mix of charm and cheek that—despite to a few flubbed punch lines—helped him come of as the surprisingly well-adjusted off-spring of Jimmy Fallon and Kathy Griffin. And while Hayes went home empty handed, he scored a win with us for proving that you don't have to have to be named Neil, Patrick or Harris to run the show and steal it.

What did you think of Sean's hosting gig? And was it us, or did Glee's Lea Michele seem really angry during her performance of "Don't Rain on My Parade"?

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