Denis Leary Denis Leary

The beginning of the end is upon us, people.

With FX's often superlative, always irreverent firefighter drama Rescue Me in the middle of its final season, the stage is clearly being set for what could be an incendiary send-off. As of last night, Tommy was (briefly) suspended from the NYFD for mouthing off during a televised interview, his 62 Truck colleagues were scrambling to keep the press from digging up their own past indiscretions, and the10th anniversary of 9/11 was inching up as quickly as the show's timed-to-the-event finale.

A lot went down — and if you watched the show, you get that joke — yet none of it had to do with actual fire fighting. Instead, we saw characters positioning themselves for life beyond the closing credits. There was Franco's planned move up the ranks, an unconventional romantic (and aromatic) turn for oddball Sean, Colleen's impending nuptials, and even what may be considered a sign of solidarity among the usually fractious Gavin clan. These developments both thrill and concern us, since this is not a world where happy endings are likely. Tragedy, loss and dysfunction, yes. Walks off into the sunset? Not so much.

So tell us, how do you foresee Rescue Me fading out? Do you think the producers will let Tommy live another day and leave us to wonder when his recklessness will finally catch up to him, or will he and his colleagues make the ultimate exit in a blaze of glory?

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