Lone Star Lone Star

In an effort to up the ratings — and apparently our blood pressures — it seems the powers-that-be at the season's best new drama (albeit the one with the lowest numbers) decided to give us something more than just strong writing, compelling characters and sturdy casting to rave about: They also gave us copious amounts of series star James Wolk in various states of nakedness.

Not that we're complaining. After all, the Lone Star lead is hotter than this week's L.A. temps, and let's be honest, since Lost's Josh Holloway went away, TV has been suffering a shortage of humina-humina. It's just that Wolk's bared bod isn't needed to sell this show. It's smart, it's seductively crafted, and most importantly, it's getting even better now that Bob/Robert's worlds are starting to inch closer and closer.

Unfortunately, without the "stunning upset" series creator Kyle Killen is hoping for to save the show from cancellation, we may never get to see just how terrifically twisty things can get in Texas. What is Robert's low-end sister-in-law really capable of? Who did Bob's dad call at the end of last night's episode? And what in tarnation is Andie MacDowell doing, mixing it up with Cat next week? 

So let's keep our fingers crossed that Fox has the guts to give Lone Star a real shot. Because like David Keith's country-fried con man said about that wind farm last night — and Mr. Wolk, of course — it's a thing of beauty.

Did you watch Lone Star? Think it stands a chance?

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