Jessica Simpson, Nina Garcia, Michael Kors, Heidi Klum Jessica Simpson, Nina Garcia, Michael Kors, Heidi Klum

Are they kidding? Last night, Project Runway wrapped its season with a windy, way too long finale that was packed with more back-and-forth bitchiness from the judges than actual fashion. Which is kind of fitting, since the winner didn't give us much fashion, either.

After a season of taking everything and making it about herself, Gretchen went and took the top prize. Her proto-hippie collection was safe, sellable and sort of pretty (if you enjoy dressing from the Urban Outfitters clearance rack) but far from the dazzle that was the work of Mondo, the elfin whiz who has wowed us week after week. Unfortunately, his collection — filled with patterns and fun and a creative energy that was appealing to (gasp) young people! — was apparently too much for Michael and Nina to swallow, leading to almost 40 minutes of deliberations (peppered with inane "I like it" commentary from an oddly sedate Jessica Simpson) and a clear split between all of the judges.

In the end, though, the Statler and Waldorf of Runway overpowered our Heidi, and Gretchen got the $100,000. But that's OK, because Mondo will make a fortune with his fierceness, and we got to see Tim Gunn's obviously unhappy reaction to the result at the end of that show. Priceless!

What did you think of the Project Runway finale? Team Gretchen or Team Mondo?

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