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OK, so first off, PLL is so lucky Dr. Sullivan is still alive. Love her.

Secondly... Jenna orchestrated Ali's death? No pun intended, but we can totally see that.

Last night, the juicy lil' sudser wrapped up the first half of Season 2 with an hour of wowsers, including one heart-busting breakup (we love you, too, Toby!), the return of shifty Det. Wilden and what really seemed like the reveal that Rosewood's resident blind beyotch Jenna had not just framed our foursome for Ali's death, but had actually roped kid-faced cop Garrett into helping her commit the heinous crime.

At least that's what we're taking away from the episode — and from executive producer Marlene King's comments in TV Guide Magazine that viewers would get a very good idea as to who murdered the girls' best frenemy. Of course, now we have to wait a bunch of months to see if anything is at it appears. So let's take this time to mull over a few loose ends and what sort of fallout the gang will be facing once new episodes return...

— Who is "pretty eyes"? Noel? Mona?

— Should Ezra man-up and tell Aria's mom the truth, or shut up and save his career?

— Can someone please bury Jackie alive?

— Is Spencer's father Jason's dad, too?!

— Which girl is best for Emily: Maya or Samara?

— How much do you want to bet that we haven't seen the last of Hanna's hateful almost-sister-in-law?

Discuss in the comments and we'll regroup when season 2.5 begins! Oh, and for more on PLL's mid-season finale, check out this and this.

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