Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale

OK, raise your hand if you are totally digging this Spencer-Toby business on Pretty Little Liars.


Ever since the writers realized that Poor Toby was fan-fave material, we have been treated to some seriously swoon-worthy scenes between the shaggy outcast and, of all folks, Spencer. Between their snooping around on Jenna, their secret meetings outside of school and, of course, the chemistry between Troian Bellisario and Keegan Allen, these two have become the new couple to root for in Rosewood, which is pretty awesome since Spence's more prone to mackin' on her sister's men and Toby's, well, an accused killer. But last night, these two sealed the deal and stole our hearts not with an illicit statutory kiss like Ezra and Aria, or even a pup-tent romp like Hanna and gross Caleb, but with a hug. Ahhh, innocence.


The moment came seconds before the end of the episode, after all sorts of crazy twists involving creeper clowns, missing keys and (thank God) a show of spinal fortitude by Emily regarding Paige's closet-case neurotics. Trapped in a chamber in the Founders' Day Festival's house of horrors, Spence was probably about as weirded out as we were once brother-in-law from hell Ian rescued her, despite the fact that his heroics freed her up to go find Dimples and let him know she was blowing off their pre-arranged rendezvous. Unfortunately, "A"'s ambush wasn't the only thing keeping the kids apart: Spence's mom wasn't down with her daughter being seen in public with the kid once suspected of offing Alison, either, and wanted to bug out of the festival as fast as possible.


So God bless Spencer's always-overdressed heart for defying her downer of a mom, doing the right thing and running back to our boy as he stood, abandoned, in the street, and throwing her arms around him. Sure they kissed after that, but these two had us at that simple, sweet and so romantic hug was like the "awwwwww" heard 'round the Twitterverse, and we loved it. Now let's just hope that they can make it out of next week's spring finale alive.


How about you? Team Tober? Or is there another couple you're just crazy about?


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