Pretty Little Liars Pretty Little Liars

Whoa... Did that just happen? Did one of the Pretty Little Liars really lose her v-card?

Yep, it would seem so. Last night, the show that's always been just this side of risqué, thanks to Aria's borderline-illegal (but decidedly non-sexual) romance with dreamy teacher Mr. Fitz, went all the way as Hanna decided to do the deed with stringy-haired bad boy Caleb.

No hype. No warning. Not even a "this week on a very special Liars." One minute they're out in the woods roasting marshmallows and confessing their secret pains (his absentee dad, her past fat-titude), next thing, they're half-nekkid in a tent and she's asking him if he's "got anything." Which, for those of you visiting us from 1947, is code for protection. Thankfully, he said yes — for a homeless kid, he sure is prepared! — and we're certainly no prudes, but are we ready for our girls to become women? After all, it's still only the first season, and now that we know Caleb is actually in cahoots with a mystery someone who's out to mess with young Miss Marin, this twist is now really twisted. Not exactly a situation one wants for their first time, you know?

So what do you think of Hanna getting so hot and heavy with this fella? Too soon? Too young? Honestly, we were kind of liking him, but now he seems skeezy and predatory. Let us know your take on this Little situation in the comments below.

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