Lucy Hale and Troian Bellisario Lucy Hale and Troian Bellisario

OK, first off, if you've never gone glamping, do so immediately. Massages. Mani-pedis. It's divine.

Secondly, did you really think the girls would catch "A"? Come on. This was only the mid-season finale, kids!

Last night, Rosewood's fab four left us hanging — and Tweeting feverishly — as they came oh-so-close to nailing their texting tormentor while getting their pamper on at Camp Mona (the world's most inspired birthday-party theme ever). But since there's nothing small about the Pretty Little Liars drama, of course something big had to happen to throw them off-course. And boy did it ever. Lucy Hale wasn't lying when she told TV Guide Magazine that "something completely unexpected and out-of-the-blue" would go down before the hour was over. We just never imagined it would be Hanna being run down in those final seconds, or that it would be who it was behind the wheel (for those who still need to catch up, or aren't totally convinced that "A" is really the character we saw on that closing-scene video, we'll spare y'all the spoilers).

Oh, did we enjoy this one. The suspense. The reveals. The scares. That bit with Aria and Ezra in the car, with "A" outside scribbling on the window? Yeah, that was a lesson in not making out with your teacher in a dark playground. And Toby popping up in Emily's back seat? It's almost a good thing we're getting a hiatus to recover from all the twists. Let's just hope ABC Family doesn't make us wait too long for more episodes, or "A" won't be the only one acting all p.o.'d.

How are you doing after last night's summer finale? Did "A"'s identity surprise you, too?

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