Anna Torv Anna Torv

Fatigue. Setting. In.

How are you guys holding up? It's only been four days since the new season officially kicked off, and I gotta tell ya, we're gonna need backup. Backup DVRs, that is.

There is no way to get through the week without 'em! Thursdays are now just as bad as Mondays and L.A. jails with all the overcrowding. Last night alone, we had the returns of Bones, Fringe (LOVE the alt-verse!), Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, newly-relocated The Big Bang Theory, the Bieber-ized CSI, The Mentalist, The Office, Community and 30 Rock. On top of those, there were also the debuts of the questionable $#*! My Dad Says, the skippable My Generation, the yes-you-are-racist Outsourced, and more CW fun from The Vampire Diaries and Nikita.

Throw in Project Runway, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Episode 2 of The Apprentice, and that is 15-and-a-half hours of new TV. In one night! It's like they're trying to kill us.

So, what did you go with? Find a new fave? Did you have to make any Sophie's Choices and leave an old show behind? Come on, there is no judging here. Share the deets!

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