Phoebe Tonkin Phoebe Tonkin

Damn, girls! Or should we say, damned girls?

For many fans of The CW's supernatural soaps The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle, the leading ladies are what's what. And we totally agree. Nina Dobrev and Britt Robertson kill it (often literally) as the beleaguered central characters dealing with all sorts of occulty issues, freaky hot guys and fabulous hair.

That said, we need to throw some love at the ladies sparkling right alongside Dobrev and Robertson in roles that are as different as their coloring. TVD's Candice Accolla, with her blonde brightness and scratchy-sweet voice, has stolen and broken our hearts so many times since Caroline was turned into a bloodsucker that we're torn between rooting for her to find some kind of happiness and hoping that the writers continue to torment her. She's just that good at suffering! Last night's "don't leave me, Daddy" plea to her father — who chose to die rather than transition into a vampire? Please, we're still drying our eyes from that.

On the flipside, there's TSC's brunette Phoebe Tonkin, who has managed to make us lovelovelove her Faye, the bitchtastic sexbomb with a purr like spiked honey and a thing for dark magic. Imagine an early Blair Waldorf in a Wicca wonderland and hot leather jackets. Not only does this one look like trouble, she is trouble, and while Faye is totally the anti-Caroline, we're as enchanted by Tonkin's ability to bring the mean-girl nastiness as we are by the lost-girl loneliness simmering beneath those perfectly arched eyebrows. Of course, Faye may not be so lonely after last night's steamy mashup with Jake the Ken-Doll witch hunter, but you can bet your best cauldron that there's gonna be a lot of nastiness to come once "creepy little Stepford ghoul" Cassie and company find out.

So what do you think of Accola and Tonkin? Are Diaries' vamp and Circle's witch as paranormally perfect to you, too?

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