Lana Parrilla Lana Parrilla

Someone needs to drop a house on Storybrooke's Mayor.

Ok, maybe that's a whole other children's story, but for real, this woman is a witch. Barking out orders, cutting sweet Mary Margaret down with dismissive lines like "their lives are their own, not yours," and skulking around town with a puss as sour as a poison apple. She makes her fairytale-world alter, the Evil Queen, actually seem not-so-bad. Why Storybrooke hasn't risen up to run her out of office is beyond us.

Last night, the always delightful Once Upon a Time took us deeper into its fractured fairy-tale mythology with Snow's heartbreaking, King Midas-orchestrated breakup with her Prince and some dwarficide (R.I.P. Stealthy). But back in the real-ish world, amid all the romance of Mary-Margaret and charming David inching their way back to each other, we got another taste of Regina the Awful as she demanded that Emma investigate a mysterious new local and maneuvered to put the kibosh on true love. The time has come for someone to put this pushy public servant in her place. Thankfully, the ads for next week's episode tease that "it's time to fight back" and some Sidney Glass action, so here's hoping Regina at least gets a good tongue-lashing for being the worst elected official this side of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Mayor. Then again, we're not sure if we want to see Regina in an even nastier mood.

What about you? Is Regina over-the-top testy? Or is she juuuust right?

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