Raphael Sbarge, Lana Parrilla Raphael Sbarge, Lana Parrilla

OK, so Walt Disney is either rolling in his grave or LOLing from the beyond. Hopefully it's the latter, because Once Upon a Time is such a hoot. It would be a shame to think the man behind the Mouse wouldn't be down with the fun being had over in Storybrooke.

As the season's top new drama, the delightful series has been delivering big-time numbers and smiles galore, with its fractured take on fairy tales, cheeky tweaks to classic characters, and rapid-fire nods to Disney staples and other out-there realms. A Dalmatian named Pongo? Love! And the Apollo candy bar from Lost? Love more!

Last night, Once served up yet another enchanting episode, this time devoted to the fairy-tale backstory of Henry's therapist Archie Hopper, better known in old-school circles as Jiminy Cricket. It was an inspired outing that presented both the cartoonish con-artist version and Storybrooke's shrink edition as conscientious good guys stuck under the thumb of bad people. And while we could spend hours and hours in the Evil Queen's kingdom, the evolving mythology in the modern-age plot is making that timeline the one to watch...very closely. What is up with those tunnels running under that town? Who is Henry's dad? And if you didn't get chills when a certain iconic umbrella saved the day during the climactic mine-collapse rescue, what is wrong with you?!

So are you loving Once Upon a Time, too?

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