Lil Wayne Lil Wayne

Power? We don't need no stinking power... we have you!

True story: About halfway into last night's VMAs — thanks to a certain city's top-notch post-Hurricane Irene repair work — Watercooler Central actually lost power. One minute, Adele is reminding us what singing sounds like without autotune, the next minute, total darkness. If only we'd been blessed with the absence of cable during Lady Gaga's drag-king opening performance. That pompadoured greaser mess looked like something out of RuPaul's The Outsiders.

So today, this is your column. Tell us what rocked or what rotted during the show, who needs to never win another award, and all that other fun stuff. We hear the so-called Britney tribute was really just a weak lead-in to a much bigger salute to newly preggo Beyonce. And according to our @TVGuideMagazine Twitter feed, Lil Wayne was a big letdown. Fill us in down in the comments below and make us feel better about having to miss the always out-there night of a thousand bleeped-out rappers.

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