Mark Wahlberg Mark Wahlberg

So did anyone else bleeping notice the amount of bleeping-bleep bleeping times the MTV folks didn't bleep out a presenter or winner's potty-mouth at the Movie Awards last night? It was bleeping ridiculous, especially since the cusses that slipped past the censors actually killed the humor the producers must have been going for. That harness gag between Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg would have been so much snappier if we weren't all so distracted by the two f-bombs and the "s*@t" Marky Mark dropped while hanging over Eva Mendes, et al. For bleep's sake, it actually became a topic amongst viewers on Twitter last night, with @shoemakermike — a far-from-prudish producer for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon — tweeting that "MTV should either A) allow F-bombs, or B) remind people that it blocks all audio including laughs, so use them sparingly." Of course, the ultimate irony is that the night closed with Peter Facinelli accepting New Moon's best movie popcorn trophy by joking that he'd "never heard the word [bleep] used so many times in one night"...and then uttering two un-edited offensives of his own.

Were you bleeping thrown off by all the bleeps? Or were you too busy wondering why K-Stew always looks so bleeping bored?

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