How I Met Your Mother How I Met Your Mother

OK, this one goes out to anyone who has ever visited New York: Is Maury Povich really that ubiquitous?

According to last night's How I Met Your Mother, the talk-show host is apparently the most-seen celebrity around the Big Apple. Gamely playing along, Povich popped up in a slew of scenes as the gang raced around town, trying to beat one another to a restaurant where Woody Allen (apparently the holy grail of "did you see who that was?") was having dinner.

Of course, it wasn't Allen at the eatery — in fact, it was Povich in typically frumpy Woody-wear — but the joke had us wondering if Povich has become the better-employed equivalent of Times Square's Naked Cowboy.

So, if you've been to New York, have you seen Maury? If not, have you spotted any of your favorite celebs on the street?

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