Nazanin Boniadi  and Neil Patrick Harris Nazanin Boniadi and Neil Patrick Harris

It's a bad thing when you find yourself wanting to do anything other than watch something you used to love, right?

Last night, How I Met Your Mother turned out yet another "meh" episode that found Ted and company realizing they had gotten involved with someone just like their mom or dad. It was funny enough, but just not as funny as we know the show can be. Maybe it's that Kal Penn and Nazanin Boniadi aren't really popping as Robin and Barney's new loves. Maybe the barrage of gags featuring each character imagining their parents as a sexual partner was just too gross. Or maybe it's that the joke was done more economically (and to better effect) on Friends when Ross saw his mother when he looked at Rachel in her Slave Leia costume. 

Whatever the case, it was hard to hang in for there for 22 minutes and actually feel anything but bored. Have we seen it all when it comes to the MacLaren's crew? Should they just show us the g-d mother and end it after this season? And if not, are there any other shows out there you think should take a powder before they overstay their welcome? Share below!

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