Matt Bomer on Glee Matt Bomer on Glee

So that's what seven weeks off looks like? Huh.

Glee came back last night after almost two months and we're happy to say it wasn't as disastrous as Quinn behind the wheel of a car. Mostly because White Collar's Matt Bomer brought his undeniable star power and excessive charm to spruce things up as Blaine's way-more-successful, way-less-annoying big brother, Cooper. And while we lovelovelove the Bomer, the constant mentions of his good looks in the script kind of cheapened how extremely talented that fella is. Thankfully, he was able to overshadow his own genetic blessings with a very funny turn as a vapid actor whose "master class" on the craft of ignoring scene partners and yelling to appear intense should be submitted to the Academy for his inevitable Guest Star Emmy nomination. 

As for the rest of the episode? Well, Sue's unborn baby may have health issues, NeNe Leakes stole her one moment by chewing the scenery like she hasn't eaten since the Real Housewives went to Africa, Quinn lived, but is in a wheelchair — so we got horrible things like "crip ditch" (instead of the usual "senior ditch day") and a duet with Artie on Elton John's "I'm Still Standing" — and Finn the 45-year-old high schooler now wants to move to L.A  with Rachel. Apparently, Karofsky's suicide attempt is so last February.

So basically, we got another patently weird, typically bipolar Glee. Part fun, part flakey, part infuriating. But it was all worth it to see Bomer get goofy, unleash his musical side and remind those poor folks who don't watch White Collar that he is much more than a pretty face.

Did you check out Glee last night? What's your take?

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