Jimmy Iovine Jimmy Iovine

We said it last year — albeit deeper into the season — and we're saying it again: Jimmy Iovine is the only person on Idol with a lick of logic. That we're saying this three episodes into the live shows is scarier than Steven Tyler stripping down and jumping into a Vegas pool.

After two nights of listening to J-Lo and the Statler and Waldorf of stupid clichés she sits between bounce every compliment known to Roget at the less-than-worthy 25 semifinalists, we finally got some truth bombs last night during Season 11's first live elimination. Of course, they didn't come from the judges, who seem to have confused "judging" with "fawning." No, they were all courtesy of the rascally A&M Records chairman who will be stuck mentoring this motley crew of makeovers-in-the-making. Boldly putting it out there (calling various contestants "cheesy," "kitschy" and "annoying") and saying what so many of us at home have been thinking, Iovine was the blast of salty disapproval we needed to endure the bloated two-hour reveal of the Top 13. 

If Jimmy keeps this up, Idol may actually regain the bite is severely lost when Simon Cowell split and left us with this toothless threesome.

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