Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Well this definitely doesn't bite. Last night, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon entered the vampire fray with the first installment of "Suckers," a lavishly produced ongoing series that joins the Glee spoof "6-Bee" and the Lost-ish "Late" as yet another of Fallon's pre-taped triumphs.

"It's kind of like if Twilight and True Blood were crossed with Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and Rocky Horror, and then met our show for coffee," Fallon explained. "And then struck up a relationship and started a boy band, broke up, went solo, then got back for a reunion."

That's a whole lot of loony right there, and thankfully, he was only joking. About the boy band part, that is. The rest was all coursing through Episode One, which found a winsome new Late Night writer learning the truth about the show's staff of hemo-sapiens, who not only burst into song but also had screamingly bad accents when baring their fangs or feelings.

It was epic and epically hilarious, which shouldn't really surprise anyone these days. After all, Fallon has been injecting late night with fresh doses of edgy, almost ADD-level energy and inventiveness since he took over the desk, and the guy is flat-out killing it on a regular basis. So who better to pump some new blood into the waning undead trend?

So do you think "Suckers" is sharp TV, or does it, well, suck?

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