Ryan Seacrest Ryan Seacrest

Remember when American Idol performance nights were about, like, performances. The ones that mattered? Yeah, not so much anymore.

Last night, with only four singers remaining, Idol went and stuffed two hours like it was a skinny girl's bra. Duets, group numbers, a lengthy promotion for Rock of Ages (starring Ryan Seacrest's squeeze, Julianne Hough), two different themes, a tour of the mansion that went on and on. It was an endless parade of non-competition at a point where we should have been seeing — and hearing — the best of the best basically bleeding emotionally on screen for our votes. Like Phillip Phillips' take on Damien Rice's "Volcano." Not some damn "Eternal Flame" weirdness with Hollie and Jessica on swings.

It's just exhausting us, Idol. Even with double themes, this could have been cut down to a much more palatable 90 minutes and nobody would have had to endure that Foreigner group number. Nobody was waiting for a girl like that mess.

What do you think? Is Idol too cluttered?

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