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OK, new rule, Idol: Hollywood Week should only last one week. And it shouldn't feel like a month of root canals.

For real, we just can't with this season. Overblown auditions are one thing, but this extended Hollywood Week business has taken a running jump on to our last nerve. Three bloated episodes?! And one of them, last week's Thursday time-waster, didn't even feature performances! Just a bunch of people falling off the stage and vomiting.

And then last night, you dare to ask for two hours — against ABC's way more worthy comedy block — so we can watch more hopefuls faint, fumble the lyrics and, in the case of a cappella boy drummer Reed, fake us out with that "I might need to leave" business. Please. And don't even look at us when the Vegas round begins. This is like suffering on an installment plan.

Used to be Hollywood Week was an epic nail-biter. Less than 100 usually made it to that stage (last night, we had more than that after group eliminations), we knew and loved a few of them, and we were far from bored. This mass of forgettable messes parading across our screens since last week are just proof that Idol needs to cut the fat from the get-go and stop handing out golden tickets to anyone who even remotely tickles Steven Tyler's perved-out fancy.

We want to care about the contestants, Idol. Invest in them. Not resent them because you forced us to spend way too much time with them before even getting to the live shows. Take a look at how The Voice does it and take a few tips. Otherwise, we're gonna be taking a pass.

What about you guys? Has Idol wasted too much of your time, too? Or do you prefer so much foreplay you fall asleep before the good stuff?

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