So we're just gonna come out and call "shenanigans" on American Idol. Because that elimination last night was bull.

First off, the bottom three didn't make sense. Hollie and Elise both crushed it with their contemporary tunes, and have two of the most distinctive voices among the remaining females. And even though Elise has "a vacation home" in the bottom 3 (to quote weird Jimmy Iovine) and Hollie just figured out how to connect emotionally with a song, neither was anywhere near the worst of the week. That would have been Joshua. Or scream-singer Skylar.

But it's Colton's ouster that really has us scratching our heads. Between his clear talent, his huge female fan base, and radio-friendly marketability, there is no way this kid didn't pull in enough votes to keep stick around. Maybe it wasn't his best week, but even off his game, Colton was far better than half of his fellow wannabes and surely had a few more weeks in him. Many had him picked as the winner. Some of us saw him in the final three. None of us saw him going home like this. Way to waste that save last week, judges.

So was this a matter of folks not voting for him because they thought he'd be safe? Was it his unfortunate, mid-'90s hair and emo-punk vibe that wore thin? Or are we dealing with a stunt to steal attention for the slipping Idol away from some other singing competition that's on the rise? What do you think of Colton's elimination? 

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