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SPOILER ALERT: Everybody dies. Some with dignity. Some after their own funeral.

Last night, House took its final breath in a farewell that was part dirge, part Dickens and part winking nod to who Dr. Greg House has always been: The Sherlock Holmes of undiagnosable diseases. Was it perfect? Nope. But neither was the man of the hour.

Bouncing back and forth between the burning building where a drug-hazed House was holed up with a deceased patient, and Foreman and Wilson's search for their missing pain in the butt, the episode threw a bevy of returning faces into the mix as sort of the Ghosts of Greg's Sins Past. Kutner. Amber. His ex-wife. Cameron. They weren't all dead, but some of them did kill the dramatic tension as they went on and on about why House needed to live on. If the guy wanted to die, he had every right to. He's always made the rules (or broken them), he's chronically unhappy, and he been through so much...we saw almost every one of his ailments, jailments and injuries during the fabulous pre-finale clip show. Perishing in that blaze probably would have been a relief.

Instead of going into the light, however, TV's most complicated doctor since Hawkeye Pierce pulled a bit of a Melrose Place by faking his own death — like Holmes and Amanda Woodward did before him — and riding off into the sunset with his long-suffering sidekick, Watson, er, Wilson. So while we chew on that twist, why don't you all weigh-in on how House ended in the comments below. We're betting there will be some very strong opinions.

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