Happy Endings Happy Endings

Anyone want a whore's bath?

Join us, won't you? Because we are raising a glass of Dave's turpentine-laced old-timey cocktail to Happy Endings, which served up a killer mix of sex dreams and screamingly funny sight gags last night that made us happier than a day spent eating floor bacon in a pair of Pajoveralls.

Between Penny hiding her sugar-binge breakfast foods on the ceiling fan, Colin Hanks spoofing himself as a name-dropping d-bag with too much bling and too little shame, Paul Scheer's return as gross-out neighbor Avi, the shout-outs Varsity Blues and the ABC puppet oddity that was Dinosaurs, and Max making face-love to a frittata in his boxer briefs, we could binge on episodes as laugh-packed as this one. Time with these friends would totally be worth the hangover, as well as any lingering Dave fantasies brought on by his mobile-speakeasy mixology. Even if it did mark the (possible) end of James Wolk's run as Max's man, the great outweighed that sad turn of events...and the final scene certainly takes things, like Avi's cleanse, to a whole other level, huh? Not to spoil anything, but we loved that twist.

But where can it lead? Could it be there really is a happy ending in store for those two? Or should the gang gear up for some uncomfy morning-after issues? Share in the comments below and let us know what you though of the episode!

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