Glee Glee

In honor of Glee's sweetly stupid Christmas episode last night — and their winter break — we'd like to offer our wishes for New Directions in the new year.

  • - A love interest for Mercedes.
  • - More Santana.
  • - Less hot hits of the '80s and '90s.
  • - More moments like that shot of Artie walking. Heart. Swelling!
  • - Fewer tribute episodes.
  • - More actual story lines.
  • - Fewer guest stars. (Unless they're Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce as Rachel's fathers.)
  • - A school board-enforced merger between McKinley High and Dalton Academy. This off-campus Blaine-and-Kurt sitch isn't working for us.
  • - The slow and painful death of Teri. That can be your next "very special episode."
  • - Dialogue for Tina that doesn't involve being Asian or Mike Chang's abs.
  • - More Quinn.
  • - An MRI for Brittany. There is something really not right about a girl who still believes in Santa, but confuses him with black men, a slender woman in green face-paint and Coach Bieste.
  • - Therapy for Finn. He's never gonna get over his issues with both ex-girlfriends cheating on him with some Dr. Phil time, you know?
  • - A family meeting for Puck. Something's going on with him.
  • - A non-Bieber haricut for Sam.
  • - A formal moratorium on Rachel solos that involve cry-singing.

And the list could go on and on. What did you think of Glee's Christmas episode? And what would you wish for the gang? Add 'em all in the comments below.

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