Scott Foley Scott Foley

Hey daytime fans, if you're not already watching Grey's Anatomy, or gave up on it, the time has come to give ABC's scrubs-opera another look-see. Because this here is a solid serial that could teach a certain other medical-based sudser on ABC's early shift a thing or two about how to operate effectively without bipolar mobsters or James Franco.

Now we know a lot of viewers may have checked out of Seattle Grace over the years, and nobody is gonna shame ya for that. Once the ghost sex and "Gizzie" and the drawn-out Chief Resident competition went down, Grey's lost some of its appeal. But we're happy to inform you that the patient has recovered nicely and last night, delivered a lively hour filled with death, dumb decisions and respectably soapy drama.

Built around the idea of "a bad day at work," the docs endured it all: A surgical mishap that left Callie and Jackson's spinal surgery patient with a loose screw stabbing her heart; a transport crisis that stranded Meredith, Alex and an ailing infant on the side of the road in a "powder keg" of a broken-down ambulance; and, most tragically, the race to save Teddy's adorable, chronically ill husband. Yeah, you kinda knew Scott Foley was doomed, what with the vomiting blood and the fact that he was being operated on at the worst hospital on the planet. By Yang, no less!

Yet we were chewing our nails up 'til the final moments, as Owen broke the news to Yang that it had been Henry she so cavalierly treated as just another dead patient, and Meredith and Alex finally realized that they probably should have thought to help the folks in the car that collided with their ambulance. Of course, none of these problems would have plagued any of our heroes had they made smarter choices, but that would be about as fun as a conversation with Lexie. We need these doctors to suffer for their stupidity. Will Meredith and Derek ever get a baby? Or agree on anything? Will Teddy forgive her colleagues for not saving Henry? And can Torres get herself out of what is sure to become a real malpractice pickle? Hell, if they could all survive that musical episode last year, there's no doubt they'll bounce back. Just how they'll manage to do so is what still keeps us in a lather.

What about you? Still on board with Grey's? Or simply bored with Grey's?

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