Hugo Becker Hugo Becker

Enough. This has gone on too long. Time for Gossip Girl to either get rid of this snooze, just get rid of him.

Since the Human Ambien with the foreign accent known as Prince Louis arrived on the scene last season, we've been all "huh...who cares?" Then Blair fell in love with him and we thought there'd maybe be a fun Taming of the Shrew storyline that would find La Waldorf having to battle her inner Queen B while providing us with a viable, volatile substitute for her true love, Chuck Bass. Turns out he's anything but. 

Even last night, when Louis could have taken on shades of villainy, he went full-on wuss with his "I had to be sure" excuse after Chuck revealed at the Spectator launch party that Louis bribed his therapist for info on their sessions. Seriously, this dude is so milquetoast, he makes Nate seem like a dynamo.

So please, dear GG producers, ship this one off and file him under "Never Again." And if you need any tips for disposing of the body, there is that royal wedding coming could go Moldavian Massacre on his boring butt. 

What do you guys think of Prince Louis? Charming or chump?

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