Kim Shaw Kim Shaw

Say what you want about The Good Wife's Amber Madison — God knows, we certainly have — but that homewrecker sure knows how to put on a show.

Last night, Peter's former call-girlfriend popped up again in one of the episode's many high points (the debut of Scott Porter, Lou Dobbs' respectable cameo and Kalinda's dirt on Will among them) as the star of a viral music video that puts Obama Girl to shame. Cooing and gyrating like the straight-up hooker she is, the woman most likely to drive Alicia to break the law is apparently is now using her notoriety to support Peter's bid for state's attorney. And she's making no bones about his ability to serve the public. A few sample lyrics:

"People say you're down in the polls, but I say you're always good at coming from behind."

"You can caucus me all night."

"Please, leave your wife and mis... trial."

It was a hoot and a half, for sure, but it was also more proof of how smart the writers of Wife are. Instead of glossing over Peter's past indiscretion, they're using it to add to compromise his campaign... and maybe even convince Alicia that she deserves someone better.

What do you think of Amber's return?

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