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OK, we've made no secret of our admiration for Glee's bullying story line and have nothing but love for Chris Colfer. It's an important topic and the kid is like seven layers of fabulous, playing the fear and humiliation of a high-school abuse victim. But between his dad's heart attack and the bullying stuff, it's starting to feel like he's the only student at McKinley worthy of a real story arc this season.

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Again, the topic is being handled wonderfully, from the teacher-parent meetings, to the way the guys stepped up to defend him against closet-case Karofsky, to Sue's vow to watch his back. It's just that it's being handled all. The. Time. This is a comedy, right? Because we're not laughing that comic icon Carol Burnett wound up with minimal screen time last night as Sue's Nazi-hunting mother while we got yet another "up with Kurt" lovefest at the wedding of his dad to Finn's mom. Seriously, the happy couple didn't even get to be the stars of their big day, since most of their vows and a bulk of the reception (including Finn's whiplash-inducing reversal regarding his "brother from another mother") revolved around tributes to Kurt. Poor helpless St. Kurt, bathed in beatific lighting and draped in his victimization like a Prada shroud so roomy that it covers up the fact that he, too, has done a fair share of bullying. The writers may have forgotten that he's been a royal bitch to Rachel since the pilot. We haven't.

This show used to be about an idealistic teacher trying to help a group of misfits find their voice through show choir. Now it's all about a kid who is bullied at a school where there are a few less-important misfits in a show choir that never seems to rehearse for the upcoming sectionals, and an annoying teacher with the worst boundaries on the planet. The glee has given way to gloom, and with Kurt running off to Dalton Academy instead of standing up to his tormentor, it seems the only ones displaying any courage are the viewers who keep coming back in the hopes that it will get better.

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