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Wow, what a difference two days can make. It was just this past Sunday when the world witnessed one of the wobbliest hours of Fox's golden child, the post-Super Bowl letdown featuring a dazzling "Thriller"-"Heads Will Roll" mashup, a more malicious Sue than we ever needed, and very little else. As many of you pointed out, it was not an episode that would score the show any new fans.

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Last night's Valentine's outing, however, was a refreshing reversal. Not only did it stand as an example of why folks who aren't watching should, it also served as a reason why fans who've soured on the show's general state of "meh" would be wise to keep the faith.

With Cupid's big day bearing down on the McKinley kids, romance was in the air—and in the rehearsal room—as Schu sent the kids searching for the perfect love song. Like the best of Glees, the performances fit the plot without forcing the theme down our throats like it was Santana's tongue. Instead, we got some serious tweaks to stories that had achieved yawn status. There was a sweetly "maybe someday" development for Kurt and Blaine (who may actually be more swoonworthy now that he's been humanized by that post-serenade diss by his Gap crush), a promised return to the Rachel we fell in love with in Season 1, one of the funniest girl-fights in Ohio history, Puck like we've never seen him, and a prickly twist in the Finn-Quinn-Sam triangle which, merciful Lord, respected us enough to call out Finn's dumping of Rachel for the same infidelity he lured Quinn into. Oh, and we got mono. Fingers crossed, the stricken will probably be feeling better by next week.

Hopefully the show will also recover as quickly. This episode was a good start, although some of the shifts in character dynamics were a bit jarring (Finn as "that guy"? The slumber party?), and they still need to find a proper resolution to the bullying plot, get Kurt back to New Directions and do something (anything!) with Mercedes. And yes, Glee has a record of slipping us one fun episode for every three frustrations. We're painfully aware of that. But if the writers can stay on this track and continue to show as much love to the core cast as they did last night, this sophomore slump could just be a heartbreak we leave back in 2010.

What did you think of Glee's Valentine's Day episode? Which number had your heart going pitter-pat?

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