Glee Glee

If it's Alcohol Awareness Week at McKinley High, how come it seems the Glee writers were drunk when they wrote last night's episode?

Seriously, what started out as a fun little Hangover gag — New Directions letting as loose as dorks can during a booze bash at Rachel's — switched personalities faster than Santana turned into the "weepy drunk girl." That's a shame, because the gang behaving like actual teens was a hoot. Just as funny? Rachel in what had to be the world's most aggressively unflattering sea-foam green bridesmaid's dress. But then, thanks to a fateful "Spin the Bottle" hook-up, things suddenly went from body shots and bad '80s karaoke to a rushed, bite-sized exploration of the whole "bi" issue, with Blaine agreeing to a date with Rachel, and Kurt reverting to his passive-aggressive martyr routine. Note to Saint Hummel: He's not your boyfriend!

Then, just as that plot ran smack into the wall of under-development, gears shifted once again and we were thrown into a "very special" Glee about the ills of drunk dialing, cough-syrup cocktails and Ke$ha that prompted Will to swear off beer and goad the choir into signing no-drinking contracts — because really, the sweet alluring nectar of wine coolers is nothing compared to helping your teacher kick his four-day-old drinking problem.

God grant us the serenity to accept the things we can't change: Like this episode. Or did you get a buzz off of last night's Glee?

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