Dianna Agron Dianna Agron

Wow, what a blowout. The long-hiatused Glee returned last night in the coveted, cushy, hype-addled post-Super Bowl spot and sadly it was, with that zombies-gone-gridiron business, pretty much undead on arrival. Not that there weren't great moments (Sue's two-part meltdown to "O Fortuna," the sudden use of Dianna Agron's Quinn), it's just that the show didn't really bring its A-game.

Built around what should have been a perfect fit for Super Bowl Sunday — McKinley's championship football game — the hour quickly went out of bounds by having Finn's remaining players join New Direction and participate in a half-time mash-up of "Thriller" and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Heads Will Roll." Somehow this was supposed to school Closet Case Karofsky on the ills of bullying, bring tolerance to the masses and give the Gleeks some student-body love, but the only lessons anyone walked away with were that Brittany loves One Tree Hill as much as we do, McKinley has a hockey team (who knew?!), a year-old Lady Antebellum song is the worst way to earn cred with jocks, and that a school so broke it can't afford a bus for its show choir can somehow afford movie-caliber monster makeup.

Oh, and thanks to a rapid-fire Twitter feed filled with Glee commentary, we also learned that fans were as mixed as the Warblers' take on "Bills, Bills, Bills" was auto-tuned. So we decided to round a few of your tweets and let you have a say...

@jfuentes: Convinced that @DarrenCriss makes everything on #Glee better...

@Llesliee: Why are a bunch of douchey-looking frat boys singing a Destiny's Child song from 1999?? #Glee

@SophiaBush Glee shout out was awesome!!!

@Nitesh_Arora A very good return from the hiatus. It's fun & has plot/character development.

@jillianbowe After watching #GLEE, I am team Kings Of Leon... Don't give ya music to Ryan Murphy!

@longklaw it's pretty dumb

@lexistential I wish it was this fulfilling every week.

@mariaaax1723 i want more puckleberry

@kariin87 Rachel is a moron

@jmattcosentino Glee rocked it out tonight... between the 80's underdog movie vibe and thriller they killed it tonight! Loved it!

So what about you? Did Glee score in your book, or did it leave you at a loss, too?

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