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Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's great, and sometimes it's infuriating. Whatever it is from week to week, Glee is always fun to watch...with others.

Like drinking games, flash mobs and stonings, the musical is best enjoyed in groups, whether they're on your couch, phone or Twitter feed. When it soars — as it did with the episode before its baseball hiatus — we gather 'round to sing its praises, marvel at the "return to form" and express how much we all love the idea of Santana and Mercedes joining Shelby's group. When it's less than awesome, as it was last night, with those blah numbers and that gruelingly overplayed gag about Brittany's obsession with Irish exchange student Rory being a leprechaun, we run ourselves ragged clowning on the show, bouncing bashes off one another like a Sue-Burt showdown.

But here's the thing: Good or bad, we're still watching, tweeting, commenting and generally having a blast with the communal camaraderie. It's a rare series that can keep us entertained despite its flaws. Are there huge holes in the logic sometimes? Sure. Do we kind of hate Rachel, but love her voice? Sure, times a bazillion. And do we buy the idea of Quinn being able to get her baby back with a simple call to Child Services? Not for a second. Still, there remains an allure to Glee that is inescapable. It's the TV equivalent of a grab bag. You never know if you're gonna get the emotional thrill of the Artie-centric "Wheels," the dazzling stunt-theming of "The Power of Madonna" or the annoying Kurt-as-martyr spectacle of "Never Been Kissed." All we can really count on is that we're all gonna be talking about it. And really, isn't that half the fun of watching TV anyway?

So talk to us in the comments below. What did you think of last night's Glee, and who do gab with when you're watching? 

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