Peter Dinklage Peter Dinklage

They say nothing gold can stay, but Viserys Targaryen's molten demise is gonna stick in our minds for a long time.

Last night, the gloriously gory Game of Thrones once again proved that we should completely expect major players to perish without warning (for the unspoiled among us who haven't read the books, that is) by dispensing with the whiny white-blonde Beggar King. And not with just some common sword slice or a been-there-done-that beheading. Nope, the incestuous and exiled heir was, well, gold-plated to death.

After overstepping his boundaries with host Khal Drogo — and threatening his own sister, the barbarian's new bride — Viserys once again went off on the Dothraki chief for not helping him regain his "golden crown" in a timely manner. So, like a good, barely verbal he-man, Drogo went all medieval and poured a pot of the melted metal over the ingrate's noggin. Not pretty, but pretty damn awesome when it comes to killing off a character, huh?

And speaking of killing, Peter Dinklage is just slaying us with his performance as Tyrion Lannister. The imp's speech to Katelyn and the court was the stuff Emmys are made of, right?

So how are you liking GoT? And what did you think of Viserys' violent end?

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