Anna Torv Anna Torv

So when you can say things got weird on a show as weird as Fringe, you know we're talking way-out-there weirdness, right? Like beyond Sheen crazy.

And last Friday, things reached just that level of bananas when we saw, in the final moments of the episode, that Olivia had been taken over by the consciousness of the late William Bell. As C+C Music Factory would say, "huh?"

Seems that Walter was right about Belly's belief that one could restore a dead person's lingering energy through the use of soul magnets... Which we can now assume were implanted into Olivia back when she was their pre-teen test subject down in Jacksonville. Triggered by the chime of (fittingly) the brass bell ol' Billy left Nina Sharp in his will, said magnets apparently activated in our girl and boom, next thing we know, Anna Torv is getting her creepy on in a pretty impressive Leonard Nimoy impersonation.

Now, according to some fans on Twitter, this little twist is not their fave. That's actually putting it mildly, but since this is a family-friendly website, we'll spare you the TV-MA stuff and say that this is your turn to weigh in. What do you think of Olivia being overtaken — even for what will likely be just the next episode — by Bell's persona? Is this inspired or off-putting?

Have your say down in the comments section!

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