Fringe Fringe

Livvie's home! Poor girl.

Last night, in what had to be the strongest Fringe episode in an already awesome season, Olivia finally managed to cross back over from the alternaverse. And what an escape it was! There were trips back into the isolation tank, Grand Central shootouts, killer confrontations between the hoodwinked Peter and the Mata Hari in his bed, even a great Astrid moment. It was epic!

And while helping her get away cost alt-Broyles an arm and a leg (literally), Liv may be facing an even bigger loss now that she's back among her people. "She thinks she's coming back to heaven," Anna Torv told TV Guide Magazine on the set of next week's mid-season finale. "She's walking back with all of this information." Too bad she's kind of clueless to the fact that Peter's been bedding down with her doppelganger.

So when does she find out? Patience, people. Like we said, there is still an episode next week (a grisly one, at that!) and from what we observed during the filming, the truth comes out. And when it does, we're betting it's gonna cause a bigger mess than whatever this device Walternate is looking to build.

What did you think of last night's episode? Would you forgive someone for sleeping with your evil twin from another universe?

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