Lance Reddick Lance Reddick

OK, how much do we love Broyles?

Whether he's the tight t-shirted one on the other side, or our homeland version, Lance Reddick's federal agant is just awesome. So God bless the Fringe writers for realizing that and giving us a real "pot Broyler" (to borrow the term from a Twitter pal) last night.

In another cool trip to the alt-verse, we got more backstory on their Broyles after the sicko who stole his son a few years back struck again. Named the Candyman due to the sugar he secreted through his skin, the mask-wearing maniac turned out to be sapping his young victims of their youth via the pituitary gland. It was gross for sure, and there were definite echoes of Walter's past crime — loved the "Peter Bishop Act of 1991" reference — but the hour was really all about Reddick taking his stoic character to a new level. And we likey. Especially since this means more screen time for one of TV's most underrated actors.

But now that we have seen Broyles in family-man mode with his wife (still with him over there), met his blind son (rapidly degenerating after his run-in with the Candyman), and witnessed his treason (by turning a blind eye to Olivia's escape plan), our alt-fellow could be in for some trouble. Walternate is surely not going to be happy when he finds out his right-hand man let Liv attempt a getaway. And who knows what that guy is capable of!

Guess we'll find out in a couple of weeks when the show comes back. Until then, let's all say a little prayer that the self-confessed man of faith doesn't face too harsh of a penance.

What do you think of alt-Broyles? Should he come over to our side? Or do you think he can take on Walternate?

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