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Slap us in the girls' room and call us Jenna. Mona was "A" all along!

Or at least one "A." Last night, Pretty Little Liars' second season went out with a bang of crazy as the ABC Family quartet finally figured out who's been terrorizing them since Ali's funeral. Taking a page from author Sara Shepard's fourth Liars novel (in which Mona was also revealed to be "A") and several pages from Psycho, the show's second Hitchcock-themed finale gave us so much. A trip to a Bates-y motel. A shower scene that had us all drawing a bath. A loony-bin scene that would make Norman and his mom proud. And yes, a huge Spencer-Mona showdown that mercifully did not follow the book version by offing little Miss Maniac. Since this is PLL, there was also a lair-full of twists both romantic (yay Spoby!) and revelatory (Ezria did go all the way last week) along the way, as well as back-to-back final-moments shockers that screamed, "There's so much more to the story!" And probably a lot less of Maya. If Em's mom was right, then RIP, you glorious 40-something teenager.
So where does that leave us, aside from counting the days until the June 5th season premiere? Well, it leaves the Watercooler with a few tidbits about the third season—and no amount of ominous texts from whomever Mona is in cahoots with can keep us from sharing them with you. 

According to PLL's executive producer Marlene King, the next time we see our Liars, a healthy amount of time will have passed, but probably won't have healed all wounds, especially poor Hanna. "The [episode's pre-credits] teaser is a two-month jump to the last day of school, and then we jump again to Labor Day weekend, the two-year anniversary of Alison's death," reveals King, adding that the first thing fans will see should bring back some unsettling memories. "The opening image of season three is the barn."

And although King says "there is a breath we take" when the show comes back, things will quickly get back to creepy even before the theme song kicks in. Early in the season premiere, "there's another revelation" and a turn of events that will become the 2012 version of "The Jenna Thing" (the fire Ali and the girls set that blinded Toby's sinister step-sister). This time, it will be known as "That Night," says King. "That's why the episode is called 'It Happened That Night,'" she explains. "The cliffhanger we left you with [last night] rolls into Season 3. So there are new questions to be answered, and there is a new villain out there [who] I would say the is equally as threatening, and similar but different."

As for what triggers the emergence the foursome's next tormentor, all King will give us is that "the girls get caught up [in something] and they make a bad decision that will haunt them all throughout Season 3."

To whet your appetite for the next season, ABC Family has provided TV Guide Magazine with an exclusive first look at this new promotional art:

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