Eden Sher Eden Sher

Who do you want you to be tomorrow? Because we kind of want to be Sue Heck. 

Inspired by last night's episode — in which the misfit teen found her spirit animal in guest Whoopi Golberg's super-supportive guidance counselor — the Watercooler felt the need to address the joy of watching The Middle's Eden Sher kill it every week. As the Heck family member who's only real skill seems to be indefatigable optimism, we'd say that Sher has turned the character into a lovable loser, but she has always been a winner in that regard. Ever since the pilot, whether it's been barely registering in her high school's social scene or having to put up with her embarrassing brothers, she is the ultimate Jan Brady who thinks she's a Marcia.

And it is impossible not to be charmed by her...or Sher's guileless performance. You think other actresses her age could pull off those unflattering outfits or style-free hair don'ts without going over-the-top? Please, in lesser hands, Sue would be a caricature. Especially when trying (and failing) to change her image to a more glam "Suki," as she did last night. But like Whoopi's lemon bar-baking Miss Marsh said last night, the one Sher delivers week in and week out "rises above."

Do you have a soft spot for Sue, too? What did you think of The Middle?

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