The Bachelor The Bachelor

OK folks, Brad Womack is back and from what we saw in last night's Bachelor season premiere, the muscled do-over dude seems to have gotten himself some much-needed head shrinkage. From the multiple "what I have learned" voice-overs about his botched season — as well as his mea culpa to shunned exes Deanna and Jenni — the Georgia-born Texas resident made a good early impression of a man healed by time and therapy.

Of course, how any professional help he may have gotten will assist in dealing with the crazies coming a'courtin remains to be seen. I mean, fangs? Really? That girl was a Twi-loser. And the one who slapped him just screamed of producer prodding. Still, good for the gals who hammered Womack with questions about why they should trust him this time around. The man rejected 25 women in his first season. Now he's got 30 (none of whom knew in advance they'd be jockeying for Womack) and a lot of explaining to do. Here's hoping most of it happens in the hot tub, because commitment-phobe or not, Brad the Bod is jacked and Mondays could use some more fleshy friskiness, mmkay?

So while we wait for next week's first round of group dates, let's ponder a few matters of the utmost reality-TV importance...

1) Do you think Brad deserves a second season?

2) What do you think of his pool of potential loves?

3) Do you agree with the eliminees he gave the boot to last night?

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