The Bachelor The Bachelor

Confession: We watched the Bachelor: The Women Tell All special last night to see the ladies turn into feral she-monsters and tear Courtney apart. She's been awful all season and got what she deserved. If the rumors are to be believed, she also got the guy, so there's that. Hope Ben is (or was, if the other rumors are true) worth the televised burning at the rose-covered cross.

But what we loved even more was the pre-taped segment that started out the low-cut coffee klatsch. Touted as a "let's catch up with former contestants" package, it may have actually been, as our colleague Robyn Ross smartly tweeted during the broadcast, a possible tease about potential Bachelor Pad 3 contestants. Think about it: A bunch of the show's best veterans, including Ali Fedotowsky, her maybe-new-guy Frank, weird Erica, cute Ryan P., all talking about how fun it would be to do BP3? Not only is that telling, it's also something we would totally watch! Especially if they can get Michelle Money and Kacey Kahl back, too.

Of course, it's a big cast and surely some spots are being saved for survivors of Ben's season. (We already have our fingers crossed for Blakeley and her "blessings"!) So this is where you come in, Bachelor Nation. Who you would love to see from this round strip down and shuck any residual shame they have left for the third installment of ABC's guilty summer-season pleasure?

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