Jasika Nicole Jasika Nicole

Awww, hell no. You do not hurt Astrid. Uh huh. We gon' be in a fight unless y'all fix this fast.

If you missed the first half of Fringe's season finale last Friday night, you missed A) a thrilling hour, and B) a really upsetting twist. While trying to escape a warehouse filled with God knows what, Astrid The Beloved and Walter the Best ran afoul of some gun-toting goons who were actually doing the bidding of bad, bad William Bell, and Agent Farnsworth took what looked like a pretty damn fatal bullet. Yeah, seeing Leonard Nimoy again was a thrill (although his return, set up in the 2036-set "Letters of Transit," was spoiled by the opening credits), but having him back is not worth losing Astrid. We lovelovelove her — and Jasika Nicole, whose smile alone deserves a spin-off — so this had better be a readily resolved situation. Because Walter won't be the only one devastated by that loss.

Were you heartbroken by Astrid's injury? Think maybe this will force the team to re-open the bridge to alt-world in hopes of using their tech to save our girl?

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