Family Guy Family Guy

Sweet mother of gross. Family Guy, you may have outdone yourself in the wrong department.

Last night, the subversive cartoon that has never met a boundary it didn't push went so far with an onscreen attack against a baby and a dog, it's astounding that the family-group grumpies haven't stormed Fox with their pitchforks and torches.

After creating an evil clone of himself in an attempt to get back to his "world domination" days, the youngest Griffin — and Brian — met the wrath of the homicidal doppelganger in a gory, violent bit involving (among other things) dog-tail dismemberment, baby groin kicks, attempted asphyxiation, at least one broken nose and copious amounts of vomiting. Then, just when we thought we'd seen it all, Evil Stewie ran off into the street and macheted a motorist in half, lengthwise, to give us a grisly peek at the woman's eviscerated innards.

Now, of course, this was all animated and yes, we've seen Guy go Clockwork Orange before. Truth be told, there are times when this show is the only thing on TV taking any kind of risk. But with the violence outweighing the comedy and the imagery so very, very graphic, even the most morbid fan may have seen this scene as a bit beyond, you know?

So, if you were watching last night, what did you think? Too much or just more of the same crazy we've always gotten from Guy?

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