James Deanton, Teri Hatcher James Deanton, Teri Hatcher

Well if you didn't know who was gonna die from the horrid websites and news shows that revealed it without so much as a spoiler warning last week, than you definitely knew from Susan's "you take care of everyone" speech on the front steps. Swaddled in soft music, a light breeze and Susan's loving words about their first meeting, Desperate Housewives went and telegraphed the fatal twist that was about to befall our beloved Mike Delfino. The ominous cut to the loan shark's slowly approaching car didn't help, either.

But even if you were clued in, when the moment came, it was still a shocker. Maybe it was because we were still all "awww" from the life-flashing-before-his-eyes montage of great Mike moments seconds before the kill shot. Or maybe it was that the graphic nature of the scene itself — that bullet hit him square in the chest like a bolt of lighting and the blood...oh the blood — was so unexpected for a show that's usually killed characters off screen or in more cartoonish manners. Whatever the case, we were gutted by the sight of Mike sprawled out in the doorway, giant red stain spreading across his chest, and Susan screaming for help (but not calling 911 like a normal person). He was a good man. In fact, he's really the only dude on Wisteria Lane we didn't want to see die.

But hey, at least he got to go out with a bang. After everything Mike's been through over the last eight seasons, that's the least they could do for the guy. 

So what did you think of the Desperate death? Were you hoping it was gonna be someone else? 

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