Marcia Cross Marcia Cross

Ok, last night's Desperate Housewives went somewhere wonky right at the end and we need to figure this out together, people. No, I'm not talking about how the hour wasn't completely idiotic (as it's wont to be most weeks), I'm talking about the gun bit.

It all started when Bree invited the alienated-yet-ultimately creepy Beth Young over for girls night with the other Wisterians, despite the fact that Beth is a) ultimately creepy and b) married to the man who has wrought nothing but havoc on the 'hood. Still, with Bree in full-Samaritan mode, the others softened up and attempted to make nice with their peroxided outsider (save for Renee, who stole the episode by pointing out that Beth's tresses were messes). Before the vino was even cracked, however, Beth discovered a .38 caliber stuck behind a couch pillow, accused them all of having a hand in Paul's post-riot shooting and ran off to call the cops, looking seven shades of shady while doing so.

In the midst of all of this, there was also a mysterious flower delivery from a guy who looked like James Franco right before he cuts his own arm off in 127 Hours. Of course we knew it was Zach Young, thanks to the spoilery opening credits declaring Cody Kasch's appearance.  What we don't know is, did he plant the gun so Beth would find it? Bree did leave him alone in the living room when she went to get a tip for the disguised delivery man. Or did Beth hide it while all the women were pow-wowing in the kitchen so she could play shocked and cast a wider net of suspicion? Or could Zach and his new step-mommy be in cahoots together? Maybe even lovahs? (Oh come on, it's not like the show is against venturing into freakytown... Gaby spent most of her scenes emoting over a doll, for god's sake!)

So what do you think? Who's gunning for our girls?

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