Susan Lucci Susan Lucci

Like the soaps don't have it bad enough, they can't even get an awards show that actually pays attention to them?

Last night, the Daytime Emmys happened in Vegas and the damn thing was more travelogue and tear-jerking PSA than tribute to the medium! Between the over-produced shout-outs to the casinos, hotels and headliners of Sin City, the batch of ill-advised Universal Orlando theme-park promos, and the well-intentioned Children's Miracle Network interstitials, there wasn't even time in the jumbled 2-hour mess for clips of the nominees. Apparently, serving up footage of "The Howgwarty World of Harry Potter" — which is so not struggling — was more important than showcasing the hard-working winners who face unemployment every 13 weeks, despite churning out five shows a week, 52 weeks a year.

Mercifully, there were still a few moments of win (you go, Outstanding Drama, The Bold and the Beautiful!) and God bless mini-human Susan Lucci for classily addressing the slaughterhouse that TV's early shift has become since ABC decimated its schedule in favor of horrifically named talk shows. But even those highlights weren't enough to erase the gratuitous plugs and grievous lack of attention to the increasingly dire daytime situation. In fact, we felt nothing but played when cheesoid host Wayne Brady closed the night with "watch daytime... and visit Vegas!" Soaps deserve better than this, and so do those of us who still love our love in the afternoon.

What did you think of the Daytime Emmys? Winning or worse than ever?

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