Busy Philipps Busy Philipps

Check it out. ABC aired Cougar Town two weeks in a row! It's almost like a real-live show instead of "that thing that gets bumped at the drop of a DWTS recap special"! If it airs next week, we'll be tickling miniseries territory.

Snarkasm aside, the episode last night was yet another proof that the network needs to do better by this show. If only so folks can see how endlessly clever the writing is — because God knows we've spent days talking about how much we love the cast! The rundown of Laurie's pastry designs alone was worth the space on our DVR hard-drive ("That's a 'gayke'...gays love cake"), but then they went and threw in "O-M-G-spot," Jules' mascara-stained response to being compared to Alice Cooper ("Was she pretty?") and Andy's unprintable wedgie comment. Oh, and "ghost dentist" totally should have been trending last night. So thank you, Sam Laybourne, for scripting so many potent quotables.

Still, we're sure the ratings won't reflect the laughs generated, because for some reason folks just can't find this show. Maybe it has anything to do with sporadic scheduling, who knows. So let us make like Jules and be your moral compass: Get down with Town before it's too late and then tell your friends. Or we'll send Ellie's mom to you house and nobody needs to deal with monster.

Did you watch Cougar Town last night? How did you like it?