Leverage Leverage

Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year, but for TV, it's kind of a bleak week, ya'll.

Just take last night. While we did find a few originals to keep us busy, the pickins' were slim and, no surprise, mostly reality-based. There was the Survivor finale featuring the franchise's dumbest final four, the Phaedra-Kim snipefest on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Discovery Health's awesomely titled The 8-Limbed Boy, apocalyptic harbinger Bridalplasty, and of course Sarah Palin's Alaska. Or as PETA surely likes to call it, "Snuff Film Weekly."

As far as scripted originals, only Leverage really suited up, delivering its two-part season finale and reminding us once again why Goran Visnjic needs to be a series regular on something soon. Other than that? Yeah, not so much.

So what did you tune in to last night? Was Iron Chef: America on your viewing menu? Maybe some Kendra, just for giggles and jiggles? Or did this scarcity of stuff to watch inspire you to start checking stuff off of your DVR?

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